Intergovernmental Agreement

The basis of the regulatory framework for National Electronic Conveyancing in Australia is a 2011 Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) entered into by the State and Territory governments and known as the Electronic Conveyancing National Law Agreement.

The IGA establishes ARNECC and sets out its objectives on behalf of the Registrars in each participating State and Territory as:

  • to provide advice on the National Electronic Conveyancing Law (ECNL) and any matters relating to National Electronic Conveyancing
  • to ensure that as far as practicable business practices with respect to National Electronic Conveyancing are consistent when implemented in each jurisdiction
  • to develop and maintain one national set each of Model Operating Requirements (MOR) and Model Participation Rules (MPR) to be implemented as Operating Requirements and Participations Rules respectively in each jurisdiction to facilitate National Electronic Conveyancing.

In accordance with the IGA, the Parties to the agreement are required to review the operation and terms of the IGA after seven years. The Review Scope and Governance Arrangements for the review are available below: