Model Participation Rules Guidance Notes

The Participation Rules in each State and Territory apply to the Subscribers to an Electronic Lodgment Network Operator (ELNO). They determine the rules Subscribers must comply with to be registered as a Subscriber with an ELNO and while continuing to be registered and use the ELNO’s Electronic lodgment Network (ELN).

ARNECC’s Model Participation Rules provide the basis for each State’s and each Territory’s Participation Rules. The Intergovernmental Agreement between the States and Territories commits them to having regard for the Model Participation Rules when making their respective Participation Rules.

ARNECC’s MPR Guidance Notes provide advice and assistance to Subscribers to an ELNO in their compliance with the Participation Rules.

Consultation with industry stakeholder groups and participants plays a key role in ensuring the MPR Guidance Notes reflect the expectations of all those depending on the services provided by Subscribers.

When consultation is open on proposed amendments to the MPR Guidance Notes, written submissions can be made to [email protected] by the due date.