ARNECC’s primary responsibility is to develop the legal framework for electronic conveyancing on behalf of the Registrars in each State and Territory. It does this by:

  • developing the Electronic Conveyancing National Law (ECNL) for enactment by each State and Territory Parliament
  • publishing Model Operating Requirements (MOR) and Model Participation Rules (MPR), as provided for under the ECNL, for adoption by each of the States and Territories as their respective Operating requirements and Participation Rules.

To facilitate use of the electronic environment and compliance with its regulatory framework, ARNECC also publishes:

  • Guidance Notes for the MOR
  • Guidance Notes for the MPR
  • Responses to Guidance Queries raised between updates of the Guidance Notes
  • Notices to Subscribers distributed by ELNOs to their Subscribers
  • Forms for use by Subscribers and others.