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Notices to Subscribers

The Model Operating Requirements (MOR) and the respective Operating Requirements in each State and Territory provide for the Registrar to issue Notices to ELNOs for distribution to their Subscribers. Participation Rule Waivers providing relief for Subscribers from the Participation Rules in a jurisdiction are issued to ELNOs as Notices to Subscribers.

Notices to Subscribers are used to bring compliance issues to the attention of Subscribers generally.

They are re-published here for reference purposes.

Title Published
Notice to Subscribers 2020-NS2

This Notice advises updates to the process for overseas Verification of Identity when undertaken at an Australian Consular Office

Notice to Subscribers 2020-NS1

This Notice clarifies ARNECC’s position in relation to the digital Verification of Identity

Notice to Subscribers 2019-NS1

This Notice raises Subscriber awareness of their obligations regarding system security and integrity and provides advance notification of proposed amendments to the MOR and MPR version 6

Notice to Subscribers 2016-NS2

This Notice brings to the attention of Subscribers that when they are acting as a mortgagee, or as a Representative of a mortgagee, in signing an electronic mortgage they, or the mortgagee, must hold a mortgage granted by the mortgagor on the same terms as the electronic mortgage.

Notice to Subscribers 2016-NS1

This Notice brings to the attention of Subscribers that when they are acting as a Representative they can only sign electronic instruments on behalf of their own clients from whom they have, if necessary, obtained a Client Authorisation.