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The Australian Registrars' National Electronic Conveyancing Council (ARNECC) was formed in 2011 under the Inter-Governmental Agreement for an Electronic Conveyancing National Law (IGA) for the purposes of co-ordinating a national approach among the States and Territories to the regulation of an electronic environment for completing conveyancing transactions.

The establishment of National E-Conveyancing is an initiative of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) to provide a single national electronic conveyancing system for use throughout Australia.

ARNECC was created to ensure a consistent national approach in the regulation of National E-Conveyancing.

To achieve a national approach, communication and consultation with key stakeholders involved in the conveyancing industry is essential.

Chair of ARNECC

The chair of ARNECC is Mr Brenton Pike, Registrar General, Land Titles Office, South Australia, who has been appointed for a period of two years.

Strategic Statement - May 2014

ARNECC's Strategic Statement (PDF 108 KB) is a statement of ARNECC’s purpose, focus and priorities.

What’s new online

Version 3 MOR and MPR documents now online.

Client Authorisation form (PDF 58.7 KB)

Strategic Statement (PDF 108 KB)

ARNECC online newsletter

In addition to the usual consultation processes associated with the introduction of new legislation, ARNECC intends to keep stakeholders informed of development of the essential components of the National Legislative Framework through a regular ARNECC newsletter.

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